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    Princess Courtney is such a joy! She has curly red/orange hair, sparkling blue eyes and a smile so bright it lights up the whole room. She is smart and so beautiful. Everyone loves her so very much. Courtney is 7 years old. She can't move, only her hands and sometimes she can turn her neck a little. She isn't able to stand up, walk or sit by herself. She can't swallow so she has to be fed a special formula that must be pumped into her g/j button. Courtney has a trach in her neck because she has to have a ventilator breathe for her. She can't speak but sometimes she makes little "AHH" sounds and her grandma says she sounds like an angel singing.

    Courtney needs someone very special to take care of her. God chose a special mommy for her. Her mommy is very strong, patient, smart and loving. Her mommy has to get up every two hours at night to turn Courtney. If Courtney doesn't get turned she could get pneumonia or bed sores. Her feeding bag has to be checked and filled also. Courtney has a disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. She has type 1 being the most severe form of the disease. The doctors told her mommy and grandma that she would not live to celebrate her second birthday and most likely would not live to be one year old. Courtney is our little miracle! If you would like to find out more about SMA you can go to or

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