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Samuel's Story



I'm so funny!


Samuel Thomas Sawyer smiled at me in the hospital at 1 day old.  His grin is always there, especially when he is into something. (like, whenever he is awake, lol)  The name Samuel means "because I asked him of the Lord".  When we asked for another baby, we didn't know how much the Lord would bless us, or how special he would be. Samuel had been a relatively normal boy until the age of 12 months. He rolled over about 3 months, crawled about 6 months, and stood up on furniture to cruise when he was 9 months.  It wasn't until the time we thought he should be walking that we started thinking something might be wrong.  Everyone said, "He'll walk when he wants to." "He's just lazy" "Well if you'll quit toting him around!" and my all time favorite from the doctors,  "He's ok, he's just a loose, floppy kind of guy!"  This was all said at 16-18 months.



Samuel's Story Continued


   Where are you going

           little man??



   Look at the big cruising boy!



Come on Buddy,Give

             it a try!