Hi, I'm Brooke!


I was born July 25, 2000.  When I was 14 months old, the doctors told my mommy and daddy that they thought I had this disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). At 15 months old, that diagnosis became reality.

This horrible disease makes my muscles very weak, which is why I can't get myself in a sitting position on my own, like other kids my age. I see other kids walking and running, but my legs are too weak to ever let me be able to do that. I would crawl after them, but my muscles just won't hold me up. I am sure things could be much worse, cause as you can see by my picture, I can still control the muscles that let me smile.

Please help them find a treatment and a cure for my disease! My life, along with many other SMA angels, depends on it!

Lots of Love,







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