My Photos 3

Look at all these gifts!


Isn't my Kool-Aid mustache cute?  I can't wait to dig in!


Will they ever quit singing because I'm ready to eat some cake!


Blowing out the candle.jpg (883808 bytes)

I'm one step closer to getting to eat some of this!


It's about time!!


I'm amazed that I finally got the Barbie swimming pool from my Meme.


My Mom is telling me that my Barbie stamping kit is from Aunt Rhea and my Bubba loves it too!



I'm such a Diva!


This is my friend Checole.  I love it when she comes to visit!


This is my MeMe and PaPa.  This was taken after my MeMe had spent 8 hours at the spa getting pampered fro her 50th birthday!  Isn't she beautiful!