About Me

My name is Joseph Wallace Miller. I am 6 years old. DON’T CALL ME!! CUTE” I AM RUGGEDLY HANDSOME. I love to play power soccer, computer games, Play station 2 with Mommy because I can beat her. She stinks at video games!

I am in Kindergarten right now. It is really easy. But I love school.  My PCA’s name is Ana she is really great she is teaching me Spanish.

My favorite toys are Hot Wheels, Transformers, and Ben 10 Alien Chamber.
My favorite movies are Iron Man, Spider Man, and Kung Fu Panda.

I really like superheroes. I made up my very own super hero game that Mommy and I play when we are driving. It’s really cool. Mommy makes up the voices and noises of the superheroes and I send them on missions.

I really like to wrestle with Daddy and I always win.