My Equipment


Resperonics BiPAP ST

Bi-Pap or known as Bi-Level Positive Airway Pressure is a noninvasive breathing apparatus that helps people move air into their lungs. This machine provides two levels of pressure: IPap, Inspiratory (or inhale) and EPap, Expiratory (or exhale) Our BiPap machine also has a set Back Up Rate to ensure that she receives a minimum number of breaths per minute in the event she fails to breathe spontaneously. Essentially, this machine helps keep her lungs fully expanded, otherwise something she would not be able to do on her own due to the nature of the SMA.

TruSat Pulse Ox

Device that indirectly measures the oxygen saturations levels in someone through a small probe typically placed on a persons foot or toe. This machine also tracks a persons heart rate. This machine is not a "tell" all machine, but is more of a trending method for us. Sometimes her clinical picture provides a better tell all, but this machine helps us see a pattern and we can trend if a potential illness is coming, all which is provided by the numbers given.  

DeVilbiss Suction Machine

Device that extracts secretions from a persons mouth or nose helping to clear the airway. Karah has lost her ability to swallow effectively. If she were to swallow, it would be more than likely she would aspirate (go into her lungs) ---this machine is used throughout the day to help her clear her secretions. She is learning how to "spit" them and she has been taught to alert us to when she does need suctioned.

Cough Assist

Noninvasive therapy that safely and consistently helps remove secretions from a persons lungs who otherwise do not have an effective cough in order to clear them on their own. This process is followed by CPT (Chest Physiotherapy) also known as clapping of the chest to help loosen the secretions prior to the actual Cough Assist treatment. CPT is given prior and at 4min per lobe (4lobes) Cough Assist is given approx. 4x per day when she is well and when she is sick, it can be as much as every 2hrs around the clock.

Zevex Infinity Food Pump

Because it is unsafe for Karah to eat orally, she has a GJ tube placed in her belly. This pump then dispenses food throughout the day at a set rate providing her w/ the proper hydration and nutrition.