My Equipment

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BiPAP & Humidifier - This blows air into my lungs and then releases the pressure so I can exhale out. It expands my lungs and gives me a break from working so hard to breathe. The humidifier keeps the air nice and warm and wet in my lungs.

Mini Me Mask by SleepNet - This is the mask I use with my BiPAP. Visit the SleepNet website to see more.

Oxygen - This is my oxygen. It is for emergencies so Mommy and Daddy can keep me breathing ok until help can come.

Cough Assist - This is my Cough Assist. It helps me cough all the yucky stuff out of my lungs.

Portable Suction Machine - This is my suction machine. When I use my Cough Assist, my suction machine sucks the yucky stuff out of my mouth. It also helps me get the boogies out of my nose, since I can't blow my nose.

Pulse Ox - This is my Pulse Ox. It measures my oxygen levels and heartrate. This lets Mommy and Daddy know when I am getting sick or if I have something in my mouth or lungs that we need to get out.

Kangaroo PET Feeding Pump - This is my Feeding Pump. I can't eat food with my mouth because I can't swallow. I have a little tube in my tummy called a g-tube. Mommy hooks me up to my feeding pump and it puts a certain amount of liquid food in my tummy. It doesn't hurt me and helps to keep me fed and hydrated.

APC Battery Back-Up - This is my battery backup. If the power goes out, this will run some of my equipment until we can get somewhere else or until we get power again.