Kaelan's Valentine's Photos!

This is Kaelan's Auntie Kristy and I wanted to share a group of photos and our visit with Kaelan. We went up to visit everyone the Saturday before Valentines Day. It was such a wonderful visit. Kaelan is such a breath of fresh air for me. We were able to go thru just about everyone of his movies before he decide on which one interested him. He was particular about which one HE would choose. After he said NO to about 100 movies he found one he wanted about dinosaurs. Oh how he loves those big creatures! I had not seen Kaelan in a while and thought he might not care to have me around, but he was so sweet to let me spend time with him. He is quite a character.

He let me read him books and he thought I was pretty funny at times. He would find a book and keep telling me to re-read it AGAIN, and it was my biggest pleasure to do so. Kaelan went down for a nap during our visit and when he woke I read some more to him. He was so funny telling mommy and daddy to move so that I could read to him some more before we had to leave.  He loved reading a book about elephants where he could also count along with the book. He is so smart he was counting right along with me and when I would try and trick him with the wrong # or color of the elephant he would frown his lovely eyebrows at me and let me know I was wrong. This was so fun!

He loved visiting with his 2 cousins and opening his valentines bag that his granny brought over for all of the kids. Tevan and Kaelan really liked the suckers as you can see in the pictures! Kaelan's daddy brought them all home a puppy also and kaelan really enjoyed petting her. Kayla and Kain were so very excited too! Karlie wasn't so sure.

We only drove up for the day so when we left kaelan he did not want us to go, but as soon as his daddy picked him up to hang out he was fine! We had such a special visit that I wanted to share it with you! Enjoy the photos!!!




























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