My Equipment!


Pulse Oximeter- Measures Kyle's oxygen levels and heartrate. This lets us know when he's getting sick or has something in his mouth that needs to be suctioned.
Suction machine - Since Kyle has no swallow this is what we use to get all the secretions out of his mouth and nose.
Cough machine - This is what clear all the mucous out of his lungs. We use it 2x's daily when well, and as much as needed when sick. We use pressures of 30 in and 35 out. The mask goes over his face and it blows air into his lungs and pulls the pressure out which brings his mucous up to his mouth and we then suciton it out. We do 5 coughs, 5 times each.
BiPAP- this blows air into Kyle's lungs and then releases the pressure so Kyle can exhale out. This expands his lungs and gives him a break from working so hard to breathe. He wears this at naptime and overnight and all the time when he's sick.
Kyle on BiPAP
Nebulizer - This delivers medication into his lungs to help open his airways  Klye uses this every 8 hrs or as needed when sick. We either blow it into his face or attach it to his BiPAP.
Feeding Pump - Since Kyle has a
g-tube, this is what we deliver his food with. He gets a certain amount over an hour.
Splints- Kyle wears these during naptime and overnight till around 3am right now. Since he doesn't walk, he is acquiring foot drop and his tendons get very tight. This helps stretch his tendons and muscles to avoid contractures.
Tiger 2000 - This is Kyle's manual chair. We are getting a new one, but for right now, this gets him around the town. He can sit up in it or lay down. He prefers to lay down.
Stander - We put Kyle in this to help bone density, motility, and just to have a different perspective on his world than laying down. He likes the stander, but will fuss sometimes.
Theratogs - We put these on when sitting up for long periods of time and when in his stander. We are trying to prevent scoliosis from becoming a problem while he's young. They all eventually get it, but I'm using these to lessen it hopefully.
Vest - The vest is a machine that requires him to wear a vest and the two tubes hook into the vest. Once they are hooked up you turn it on to inflate it and on again to start the vibration. It does his CPT for us and use such a high vibration that no hand or other device could do better. This moves his mucous around to get it out of his lungs.  This is a lifesaver.
This is Kyle's special van he uses to get around in. It has a huge back seat he can lay down on and a big TV to watch. There is also a lift to use when he rides in his wheelchair. This will fit all of his equipment and wheelchairs when he travels.
Kyle uses this to go where he wants to. It gives him alot of freedom (with a little guidance from mom) to do what HE wants to. I have to really make all of his decisions and this is a good way for him to express himself.
This is Kyle's manual wheelchair that he travels everywhere in. This is the cadillac of wheelchairs. It will sit up, completely recline, go frontwards and backwards. There is a double vent tray that fits all of Kyle's equipment. He is so comfortable in this because it has thick padding he lays on. I can't say enough about this chair. you can see it more and learn more about it at B.L. Meyer and Jamie are the two awesome people who run exomotion and are the most helpful I have evern encountered.