Kyle's Pillow Project!


About Kyle's Pillow Project!

Kyle's Pillow Project was started by Kyle's Mom, Jana, and Aunt, Jill. They make just ordinary pillows different shapes and sizes to use for children with special needs, especially Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). They are in cute prints of any kind and we use them to position for sleeping, watching TV, sitting in his chair. Kyle's Pillow Project is currently trying to make neck rolls like you get for infants. The pillows will benefit a child of any type and age. Kyle's Pillow Project is  offering the pillows for free but if anyone would like to donate fabric or help make them, they would greatly appreciate it!

How to Request Pillows from
Kyle's Pillow Project!


E-mail Jana,, with the following information:

Your Name:
Child's Name and Gender:
Child's Likes
(favorite color, animal, TV show, etc.):
Child's Mailing Address:

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