Trisha's Family


My Dad, lookin COOL!

My little Brother Dario and my Step-brother, Brian.

My Dad, My cousin Mariah, and my Uncle Michael, (do they even look like brothers??)

Now you KNOW it is hot in Texas!

Don't ask why the Dog is wearing Underwear

Find the pet lizard on his shirt

My Grandma from Michigan, and my brothers

My brothers Christian and Brian, I guess they were worried about Sunburn

My StepMom, before a night on the town with Dad

Little wrestler taking a nap with Daddy after hitting the ring all day

My Grandpa and my little cousin Matthew

My little Cousin Matthew

My cousin Stephanie and her boyfriend (Aaron)

My Mom and her boyfriend (Victor)

My cousin Sammy

My cousin Marina and her Dad

My Aunt Dolly, cousin Vanessa and their friend David

My Cousin Serena, trying not to look guilty

My cousins Rachel and Marina

My cousin Desiree and Marina