Trisha is my 15 year old step-daughter. She has lived with my husband and I since 1999. She was diagnosed about the age of 2 with SMA Type II+.  She uses a power wheelchair due to muscle weakness and is not able to climb stairs or walk up inclines.  We are currently carrying her up and down the stairs to the house, due to the fact that we have no ramp for her to use. She is almost 100 lbs so at this point I am struggling to get her up and down. We have fallen half way up the stairs and getting her back on her feet was a task. Now I have resorted to getting assistance from her 15 year old step-brother. She has fallen several times, once recently and hit her face on a nearby object, so she ended up with a scratch from the top of her eye to her cheek .She does require help to get to the standing position, but once she is up on her feet can walk. Although she falls if she is bumped or just loses her footing, which happens often.
 I am prepared and have came to the realization that eventually she will not be able to walk and require more assistance. We have no handicap accessories in our house, and I don't know what we will do once she needs them. We live in a Manufactured home and the hallway isn't even big enough for her to get her wheelchair to her room. Being 15 and wanting her independence she doesn't want anyone in the bathroom with her while she showers and I understand that. This has led to her using the towel bar to pull herself off her shower seat, therefore the towel bar is no longer attached to the wall. We were given a high rise toilet seat to assist her in getting to the standing position in the restroom, however it doesn't work on our toilet (as I mentioned we live in a manufactured home and I think they designed everything at a secret size so things like that don't work).
 We are trying to raise money for a ramp, at some point we would like to raise enough to also buy some sort of lift for her wheelchair.  She is going to be in the 8th grade and at this point isnít able to attend school functions unless bus transportation is offered because we have no way to transport her power chair.  We would love for her to be able to participate in extra curricular activities like her peers.

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