The baby words that I could speak

before I left you the other day

Were sweet to you, yet with those words

I cannot say what I want to say.

My spirit, grown as it was before,

Would seek you now -- to ease your pain.

Oh, Mother, if you could but know

My happiness, your grief would wane.

When I awoke the other day

it was like morning in my room --

And sunrise colors blended there

like from a great eternal loom.

I looked for you and daddy too --

But the angels came around my bed --

And then a Man who shone so bright --

He picked me up and hugged me tight.

He took me with Him in His arms --

and people cried and touched my hair --

And squeezed my hands and kissed my cheeks --

They were so glad to see me there.

I live now in a heavenly place --

more beautiful than all the earth --

Even the best and happiest place

where I lived with you, ever since my birth.

Here I shall always hear kind words --

And never fall and skin my knees --

Or have a fever of a cold --

And never, never will grow old.

And never will I feel a fear

or have bad dreams in the dark of night --

Or cry with longing, hurt or shame --

or be heart-broken, or lose my sight.

But always abide in warmth and love --

That's all there is here up above --

Yet, that was all I knew with you --

and I want you to know this too;

That even as my life was short --

Your gift to me was not in vain --

Oh, Mother, it is hard to learn --

that Glory hides behind our pain!

Author Unknown



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