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My Granddaddy 

My Granddaddy
This page is in honor of my Granddaddy, Dean Harris He was such a wonderful Granddaddy and such a wonderful person. He was so proud of his granddaughters. He finally had him some little girls to pamper and spoil. Granddaddy and Nana had two sons and always wanted a little girl. Now they have three little girls.
Granddaddy loved his work and he loved his family. I remember how he used to love to play with Nikki and me and would spend hours on the floor playing with us. Then when Haley came along, she was his little baby girl. He was always holding her and playing with her.
Granddaddy loved to hunt and fish. He has a great big ol fish on the wall that all us grandkids just loved to look at and touch.
He was married to my Nana for thirty six years when he went to heaven. It was on a Sunday morning and he had gone out to his hunting land to work on his tree stand. He was feeling great that morning and Nana fixed him a big breakfast before he left. He worked most of the day on his tree stand and was on his way home when he had a major heart attack and his truck went off the road. This was such a terrible day for his family.
Granddaddy was such a loving and caring person to all his friends and family. He was a wonderful Husband, Father and Granddaddy. He is so loved and so missed by all.


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This is my last picture I made with my Granddaddy.  I love him so much. He is now in Heaven with me.  He joined me on October 13,1997, just one year and four months after I went to Heaven.  We are together forever! Someday we'll ALL have our Family Reunion in Heaven!

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