To My Dearest Family,


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Where I dwell, there is no pain

There is no cold, no dreary rain

I find a rainbow every day

And touch the sun's most warming rays

I know you wish that I were there

So you could hug and hold me near

So you would see my bright eyes shine


You ponder years that'll come and go

The little one you won't watch grow

But treasure me safely within your hearts

For there we shall not be apart

I gaze on you from heaven above

I sense your thoughts and feel your love

Please realize, here I am at peace

I pray some of your pain may cease

God did not create a "never"

Hence, once again we'll be together

Until such time that we shall meet

In altered words may I repeat:

I am safe...I am with you...I LOVE YOU,

Your Angel Baby

autor unknown

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