Karlie's Valentine's Photos!

Hi this is Karlie’s auntie Kristy and I wanted to share some of the pictures and memories from our visit for Valentines Day!  We went up for a visit the weekend before Valentines Day and had so much fun visiting the kids.  Karlie is such a kick!  I would watch her get fussy whenever she heard or seen her mommy come into the room.  Then when her mommy would leave she was perfectly content with her cookies!  Oh how she loves those little things.  She enjoyed watching her cousins, brother and sister acting goofy.  Her daddy brought home a new puppy that I am still not sure what Karlie thought about it.  She is so serious sometimes like she has to check you out first to make sure you are okay!  LOL.  She is so very beautiful as you can see from the photos and just such a joy to be around.  I am so glad that we are able to take part in her life as well as her brothers and sisters too!  We enjoyed our visit so much that I hope you enjoy reading about it!  Visit often and don’t forget to sign their guest book.



























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