Sara's Care

Sara as of the spring of 2004 receives lots of special care and services. Mom fought real hard and persisted until we got all four going at the same time.  WOW!  Sara has a full schedule each week in the home for all of her special teachers that help make her life a little bit fuller, stronger and smarter. Speech therapist, Nancee Higbee with the California-Hawaii Elks, Occupational Therapist, Mavis Johnson with the California-Hawaii Elks, Physical therapy paid for by the inland regional center and is provided by Shannon from Inland Children's Therapy, Inc. And Kathy Paulus Sara's wonderful early start teacher from the creative homes program who visits twice a week. Yeah!

Update 2006:

Now that Sara is 3 years old she no longer receives services from Inland Regional Center.  Therefore, sara's beloved teacher Kathy no longer see's sara.  She has been replaced with Wayne White from the Riverside Unified School District. Sara sees her teacher about 3 times a week for an hour in our home.  We hope to get her going on a computer program that she will  be able to use independently.  Sara also lost her speech therapist and her physical therapy. We are so sad about this.  Hopefully, the RUSD will provide ST and PT soon! 

Sara also gets to go to the Chiropractor at least twice a month.  We feel this will help keep her comfortable and to slow down the progression of scoliolsis.  We have had ankles, hips, ribs, back, neck, jaw all adjusted at one point so far.  Sara favors having her head turned towards the right which is causing her neck to be out of whack.  Dr. Lynn Scecina our family chiropractor is a blessing. (Thank you, Dr. Lynn for all of your help!)

As for Immunizations/ Vaccines we have learned a lot about them during the time of Sara's diagnosis.  They are risky!  We only allow Sara to have 1 shot at a time.  Some of them we even decided to go without.  With Sara in the hospital so much we decided to do it this way.  Others have decided not to at all, only some, or all. Some families have noticed the onset of the disease after the shots.  Which could coincide with disease onset anyways.  FYI please check out these sites for further info on Immunizations:


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