Sara's Favorite Activities!

As a 3 year old Sara's favorite movies switched from Barney to the Barbie princess movies. Sara loves to watch her collection of Barbie Mermaidia, Fairytopia, Magic Pegasus, Swan Princess, Nutcracker, and Rapunzel.  Sara also loves the Sky Dancer toys and cartoons. Sara can say, "Fly Skydancer!".  The Wizard of Oz and ET are some more favorites of Sara's.   Other than movies Sara likes to paint and play with stickers.  She is also fighting us on her computer and learning to read activities.
She must take after Daddy.

As a 6-7 year old Sara Rose loves to play at Chuck-E-Cheese- especially with Samantha Dodaro, go to the movie theatre- oh- movie gift cards make awesome presents if ever wondering what to get the princess for b-days and Christmas, going on long walks with mommy and doggies- Rose and Roxxi, watch mommy & Laura hang out with the horses, and shopping always brings joy and a smile to her face.   Also, Sara's uncle Andy is back from Iraq and retired from the Army and now visits with his two boys- Jacob and Ethan and his wife Susan.  This are fun times for Sara too.  especially since aunt Susan is so cute with Sara. 
For Sara's 7th Birthday we celebrated at Applebee's for a mini fundraiser- dining to donate. We also were very lucky to go in grandma Shirley's motor home to Sedona, AZ for about a week.  The campsite was wonderful with big beautiful trees, a river and spectacular red rock views.  However, Sara is not one for heights!  We would take her to view spots and she would say, "I wanna go home.  it's too high."  We also endured for a week her wanting the ruby red slippers she did not get at Target before we left for out trip.  So when we came home grandma Paula pleased the princess with a gift of her very own ruby red slippers.  Thank you. 
Sara has a very strong spirit with a one track mind that can bring a saint to tears with her insistence of what she desires.  hehehe  I think this quality and her special love for her papa is what keeps her so ......  with a life w. sma......  ?????????????????? not sure how to say it.