My Aunt Sue wrote this poem shortly after I was diagnosed with SMA.

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God in his wisdom looked down from above,

In his arms he held an angel who needed special love

Into his vision from so far above,

He saw a young couple with lots of extra love,

So he gave them this angel from heaven above,

Amanda is special, with her smile so sweet,

And God in his wisdom saw to her needs,

She needed extra attention and extra special love,

She needed special parents with hearts of Gold

Because this little angle needs someone to hold!

Because Amanda may never walk, run, or play like others;

She needed a special Mother,

God saw in Sue Harris such a person with a heart overflowing with love:

IN Randy he saw a very special father, so God look no farther.

In his infinite wisdom, he blessed this household

With a child worth far more than Rubies and Gold.

We should never question God or ask WHY ME?

But rather thank him that he saw to our needs;

For in loaning us Amanda, we have truly been blest

And we can truly say that God knows what is best.




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